From Lagos to the National Spotlight: Sopuruchi’s Trailblazing Journey in Art and Design

This Black History Month, Fisk University is proud to spotlight the remarkable achievements of Sopuruchi Ndubuisi, an exceptionally talented Art major with a concentration in Design, originally from Lagos, Nigeria. Sopuruchi’s unique design, “To Be Black Is,” has not only captured the essence of black excellence but has also earned a prestigious feature in Target’s nationwide Black History Month design contest.

Sopuruchi shared the inspiration behind participating in the contest, stating, “I have always been interested in apparel design and wanted to create wearable art. What started as a personal project to explore the apparel design space while celebrating Black History Month led me to the Target HBCU Design Challenge.” This discovery allowed Sopuruchi to align personal creative pursuits with a broader platform, showcasing the rich tapestry of black culture and identity on a national scale.

Delving into the creative process, Sopuruchi explained, “I created my work digitally through an IOS-based software called Procreate. The aim was to challenge the stereotype that black people are a monolith, highlighting the multifaceted nature of black excellence.” This design philosophy not only resonates with the core values of Fisk University but also serves as a powerful narrative that challenges and reshapes societal perceptions of Black identity.

Reflecting on the nurturing environment at Fisk University, Sopuruchi credited the institution for playing a pivotal role in personal and creative development. “At Fisk, I learned about unfiltered African American History, which inspired me to explore my role in crafting change through art. Courses like ‘Good Trouble’ and mentors within the Fisk community have been instrumental in shaping my perspective as a storyteller,” Sopuruchi remarked.

The support from faculty members and the vibrant community at Fisk has been a cornerstone of Sopuruchi’s journey. “My professors and mentors, like Prof. Henry and Charly Palmer, have championed my dreams and fostered connections that have been invaluable to my growth as a designer,” Sopuruchi added, highlighting the collaborative and supportive culture that thrives within the university.

When asked about the impact of the Target feature, Sopuruchi expressed a heartfelt sense of accomplishment and hope for the future. “Working with a national brand like Target so early in my career is surreal. It’s not just a personal victory; it’s a beacon for aspiring young designers, particularly people of color, showing that breaking through is possible,” Sopuruchi stated, reflecting on the broader significance of this achievement.

Looking ahead, Sopuruchi is ambitious and visionary, aspiring to blend art with technology to enhance accessibility and usability in the tech space. “I aspire to become a brand, much like Virgil Abloh, and make a significant impact in the design world,” Sopuruchi shared, outlining a future filled with innovation and influence.

Fisk University takes immense pride in Sopuruchi’s accomplishments and the vibrant reflection of the university’s legacy in nurturing talent that not only excels in the creative arts but also contributes meaningfully to the discourse on Black history and identity. Sopuruchi’s journey from Lagos to Nashville and onto a national platform is a testament to the power of education, creativity, and the enduring spirit of excellence that Fisk University embodies.